About Us – Back you up

We provide business services for toys industry.

Including wholesale & sourcing, shipping agency (third parties) and marketing support service. Toy Knock Knock (TKK) is subsidiary of Locker Toys Group Limited (lockertoys.com) that leads us getting resources to back you up.

Wholesale / Merchandising

  • Wholesale product

    Wholesale product to retailers. Cost Effective and Stable Supply. Please contact.

  • Sourcing Product

    Finding good enough product from producer  / brand. Please contact.


    Purchasing custom figure and art work from artist

Shipping / Logistics Services

  • Global Shipping

    Shipping to retailers / distributors from Hong Kong port or China port.

  • Shipping agency

    Helping third party to send toy to worldwide (B2C)

  • Stock and ship

    Helping toy shop / brand / company to stock items and ship out items.

Marketing Support

  • Display to shop

    Providing sample displaying in our network

  • After Sales Services

    Providing after sales services to stable customers

  • Channel built

    Extend the channle of your brand.